MIDI Setup

** Windows guide coming soon**

To get setup on Mac you have a couple of options. You can either utilize bluetooth from the settings menu or you can plug in your standard iPad cable. No matter which option you choose you will have configure things in Apple's built in Audio Midi Setup application. So let's get started.

Open launch pad and on your first page you should see an app group called "Other".

Within that app Group you will find "Audio Midi Setup"

When you open Audio MIDI Setup if the window says "Audio Devices" go up to the top of the screen where it says "Window" and select "Show MIDI Studio" from the drop down menu.

You'll see two arrows in the top right corner. When you click on it you'll see "Configure Devices" which has the two settings "Open Bluetooth Configuration" or "Open MIDI Network Setup". If you want to use a wireless setup open the "Bluetooth Configuration" if you prefer a wired connection open "MIDI Network Setup".

Bluetooth Setup

Over in the FormKey app tap on settings and tap on "Connect to MIDI via Bluetooth" then over in "Audio MIDI Setup" on the bluetooth configuration screen you'll want to click on "Advertise"

Once you do that you'll need to select the device over in "FormKey". Lastly hit "Refresh MIDI" in the settings menu of "FormKey" and you're all setup!

Wired Setup

For a wired connection once you're in the "MIDI Network Setup".

You're going to need to create a new Session if you don't already have one

After that you'll need to make sure your iPad is connected

Once you're iPad is connected make sure your session is enabled

You should be good to go just tap "Refresh MIDI" in the settings menu.